On January 7, 2017, at approximately 8:55 pm, members of the Sarnia Police Service COPPS Unit observed a car that was believed to be involved in a prior gas drive off being driven in the area of Exmouth Street and Indian Road. There was also information that the driver of the car may not have a license.

When the officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop of the vehicle the suspect car attempted to speed away. Officers had emergency lights and sirens on but the suspect but made a number of attempts to evade the police by making abrupt turns off of side streets and running stop signs.

Officers made the decision to terminate the pursuit for reasons of public safety. The vehicle was located a short time later by a road officer travelling westbound on Confederation Street being operated in an unsafe manner with no regards for other vehicles and pedestrians. The officer followed the suspect from a safe distance attempting to keep an eye on the vehicle.

The suspect car was observed pulling into a parking lot at the end of Bennett Street. Once the vehicle was parked, the officer approached the driver’s side door where he observed the driver pretending to be asleep.

At approximately 9:10 pm the driver of the vehicle, who was the lone occupant, was placed under arrest and transported to the station.

Dillon Heywood (22 years of age), faces charges for flight while pursued by police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance (suspected to be methamphetamine). The accused still remains in custody pending a bail hearing.