High-risk sex offender James Porter Badour has recently been released from custody and plans to live in Guelph, Ontario. The 52-year-old has a pattern of offending against young children, both male and female.

Badour is subject to close monitoring by the Ministry of Corrections and the Guelph Police Service. He is bound by court-ordered conditions including; not to attend anywhere where children under the age of 16 years would reasonably be expected to attend. He is also prohibited from communicating by any means with anyone under the age of 16 years.

Badour has a criminal history which includes previous convictions for sexual offences against young children.

Public Safety is a top priority, and Mr. Badour is subject to an intensive level of supervision in the community, and the Guelph Police will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to monitor and enforce his court-ordered conditions.

Privacy laws prohibit the disclosure of additional details, however the Guelph Police Service wants the public to be aware of this individual’s presence in the community and to contact authorities if they observe Mr. Badour engaging in any activity that could be considered a violation of his court order.