Brantford woman loses close to $6000 to Mystery Shopper Scam


On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, a Brantford woman reported being the victim of a fraud. The victim received a text message about an employment opportunity as a mystery shopper. The victim responded to the text message and telephoned a number provided. The victim spoke to a man named Mr. Rogers who informed the victim that he would send the victim an instruction package including a survey and a cheque.

After a couple of days, the victim received a package in the mail. The woman was instructed to attend her own bank and cash a cheque for $2,980. The victim was told to keep $500.00 as a payment for her services and withdraw cash for the remainder of the value of the cheque. The victim was told to go home and telephone the fraudster when she completed this task. The woman followed the instructions and was advised to spend a small amount of the money to make purchases at the business she was to attend and act as a Mystery Shopper.

The victim was told to attend a specific bank and was given a name and account number and told to deposit the remainder of the money into that account. The victim was advised that she was to evaluate the bank regarding customer service and was given questions in her original package that she was to answer as part of her employment duties. The victim was then instructed to attend a local business and make purchases there and evaluate the customer service. The victim completed this job and telephoned the fraudster back. The fraudster instructed her that another package would attend in a day or two for her second assignment.

The victim received another package and attended her bank and cashed another cheque of similar value and was instructed to attend a different bank and deposit the account into a different individuals name and account number. Shortly after this, the victim who had been checking her bank account transactions realized that the original cheque she had cashed was fraudulent and she was personally responsible for those funds.

The woman fell victim to this scam and lost just under $6,000.00.