St Thomas – Drunk woman attempts to bite, punch and kick nurses and police officers


Shortly before 6:00 am on May 16, 2017, a 20-year old female from Brantford found herself handcuffed after being intoxicated in a public place on Hamilton Street.  Police were called after the female continually tried to gain entry to a residence that was not hers and refused to give up trying.  Officers arrested her for being intoxicated and lodged her in cells.

While in cells she began smashing her head off the cell doors causing herself some injuries and she was subsequently transported to the Elgin General Hospital to be treated.  While being cared for she was kicking, punching, and attempting to bite the Officers, Nurses, and Security Officers.  She then spat in one of the Police Officers face.

Once released from the care of the Hospital she was placed under arrest for assaulting police and released from custody with a future court date once she sobered up.