Over 90 bikes stolen from Niagara Falls area since April


With thefts on the rise, a reminder from Niagara Regional Police Service to “Lock it or Lose it” when it comes to bicycles in the Niagara Region.

Since April 2017, over 90 bikes have been stolen from the Niagara Falls area alone.

The stolen bicycles range from low to high end models, and are easy targets for thieves who are able to remove them quickly from exterior car bike racks with the use of bolt cutters.

Hotel owners, campground operators and merchants in the area are asked to remind out-of-town visitors who may have materials secured to their vehicles to store them in a secure location such as their hotel room.

In order to assist police in identifying the rightful owner of a stolen bike, it is important to record the serial number of a bike and keep it for future reference.  This is quickly and easily done by taking a picture of the bicycle and identifying markers, including the serial number or any scratches on the bike, and storing the information on a cellphone.