Aggressive scammers claiming to be from your bank calling Thunder Bay residents warn police

SpeedKingz/Shutterstock photo

The Thunder Bay Police Service has received calls that local residents are being contacted via phone by persons claiming to be from their bank.

The callers claim there is a problem with a cheque and the clear it the person needs to get a money draft from a money transfer institution and send it to a provided name and address.

The callers are described as aggressive but are also manipulative and convincing.

This is a scam and the Thunder Bay Police Service is advising citizens to never give out any banking or financial information over the phone or online. If you have concerns over calls or emails, go to your bank in person or look up your banks’ number and call directly.

If you’re online, do not use any links provided.

If a call or email seems suspicious or unusual, verify it with your financial institution before taking any action.

Remember, you can protect yourself from scams by exercising your right to hang up the phone, turn off the computer or shut your door.