False report of missing child in Thunder Bay results in charges

file photo

A 19-year-old Thunder Bay man has been charged with Mischief and Resisting Arrest after making a false report to police regarding an abandoned child.

TBPS officers mobilized for a search in the Intercity area last night just before 11:00 p.m. after receiving a call from a man claiming that he had transported a child less than eight years of age to the Intercity Shopping Centre who he had found in the city’s north end.

Further investigation into the man’s claim resulted in his arrest for Public Mischief and Resisting Arrest. Police resources had been diverted to search for a child that did not exist.

19-year-old Kirkward COPPOCK has been charged under the Criminal Code with Mischief and Resisting Arrest.

He has been released with a court date of August 22, 2017.