Shortly before 1:00 a.m. on July 26th, 2017 a KLPS officer was sitting in the parking lot of a Motel located at Highway 7 and Dew Drop Inn Road when the calm of the night was interrupted by a loud scraping noise. As the officer looked up from their report, they were stunned to see a car travelling westbound on Dew Drop Inn Road with sparks flying from the front end. The officer realised that the car had no front tire and began to follow the vehicle activating their emergency equipment in an attempt to stop it.

The officer followed the vehicle for over a kilometre before getting it stopped and upon speaking with the driver soon realised that they were suffering from a mental health condition and were in need of medical attention. The man appeared dishevelled and indicated that he had not eaten in some time.

Prior to attending at the hospital, the officer stopped by McDonald’s purchasing the man a meal from his own money. They then attended at a local hospital where the man was seen by medical staff.  It was determined that the man was from Woodbridge in York Region and officers followed marks left in the pavement to as far away as Oakwood but could not determine exactly where the man had started his trip.