Timmins Police remind residents to remove all bear attractants

A black bear with its nose buried in a food container eats trash out of a residential garbage bag in summertime. Shutterstock photo.

On July 17, police received a call regarding a bear and two cubs in the area of Algonquin Blvd. and McIntyre Rd. Police attended the area, along with Ministry of Natural Resources technicians, and the animals were safely moved along to the bush area.

Police received an additional call to the same location later in the evening regarding three bears in the area. The bears were not located by police at that time.

The Timmins Police Service would like to make residents aware of the sightings in the above-mentioned area, as well as take the opportunity to remind the public that the best way to avoid bear encounters is to remove all attractants. This summer, police have received 138 bear calls, most of which were related to attractants. Ensuring that industrial-sized garbage bins are closed and locked, placing household garbage at curbside the morning of pick-up only, cleaning barbecues thoroughly after use, and making sure items such as bird feeders and pet food are not left outside are all ways to minimize encounters with wildlife.

Residents should call police if a bear, or any other animal, is an immediate threat to public safety. Otherwise, for simple bear sightings the public is urged to call the Ministry of Natural Resources Bear Wise reporting line at 1-866-514-2327.