Kingston woman assaults hospital security and police

file photo

A 27-year-old local woman is being charged after her behaviour initiated 3 calls to Police.

On August 4 at 1:00 a.m. Police were called to the area of Princess Street at Clergy Street for a disturbance. A woman who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol was swinging her purse around and witnesses reported that there had been an argument over a taxi. The woman left on foot northbound on Clergy Street.

Within 30 minutes, Police and Regional Ambulance were called for the same woman who was now sitting on the ground near Sydenham and Queen Street. She complained of a sore leg but was uncooperative when the ambulance attendants tried to assess her. She was taken to the hospital. By 2 am, Police were called to the hospital because security staff were having difficulty with the woman who was refusing to leave after being discharged. While seated in a wheelchair, she kicked a security guard in the face causing injury. When Police were taking her out of the hospital, she grabbed one officer by the neck causing injury and attempted to spit in the face of the second officer.

The accused was transported to police headquarters. While in the rear of the cruiser, she put her fingers in her throat causing herself to vomit over the interior of the back seat. She was held to attend a bail hearing the following day on charges of causing a disturbance, assault, resist arrest and assault police.