Nine arrest after Thunder Bay Police execute drug warrant

(Syda Productions/Shutterstock)

A joint effort of the TBPS Drug Unit with the Guns & Gang Unit along with the Community Response team successfully executed a search warrant during the afternoon on August 2, 2017, on an apartment located in located in the 200 block of Wilson Street and a vehicle associated with the residence. Officers were acting on information they have gathered over a five-month long investigation.

Just after 1:00 officers stopped the vehicle and arrested a male and seized $16,000 in Canadian currency. Officers then proceeded to the Wilson Street apartment where they arrested seven males and one female and seized Cocaine valued at $16,000, Marihuana valued at $2,000 along with $5,200 in Canadian currency.

The following individuals have been charged with a variety of drug related charges including Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Proceeds of Crime and Obstruct Police:

1. Robenson Saint Jean, 19-year-old from Ottawa
2. Ali Fahad, 24 years old from Ottawa
3. Gedi Bache, 20 years old from Ottawa
4. Omega Deo, 23 years from Ottawa
5. Kadar Ismael, 23 years old from Ottawa
6. Ismael Labin, 26 years old from Ottawa
7. Marko Kostiw,23 years old from Toronto
8. Darryl Dyer, 37 years old from Toronto
9. Cayla Dawn Sheedy, 26 years old from Thunder Bay

All appeared in court this morning and have been remanded into custody.