Stolen credit card case leads officer to Tim Hortons, Suspect found sleeping on bench

file photo

On the morning of Monday August 7, 2017 a citizen walking his dog found a black binder containing a man’s wallet and car manual laying on the ground on Allwood Street. A Community Patrol Officer attended to recover the found property.

The officer contacted the owner who advised that his vehicle was entered sometime overnight while parked on Allwood Street. The victim advised that credit cards were stolen from the wallet which had been left in the vehicle. The officer advised the victim to immediately contact his credit card companies to cancel the cards and inquire if any fraudulent transactions were made.

Information was received that two transactions were made overnight. One transaction was charged to a local taxi company and the other to a Tim Hortons on Dalhousie Street. The officer attended at both the Taxi Company and Tim Hortons to continue the investigation.  While the officer was at Tim Hortons he viewed video surveillance which had captured a woman using the stolen credit card. The officer recognized the suspect as being a woman who was currently sleeping on a bench out front of the Tim Hortons establishment. The officer approached the woman, woke her up and arrested her for fraud. The accused was in possession of the stolen credit cards and personal cheques belonging to the victim from Allwood Street.

Also found on the accused were cocaine and a man’s wallet containing identification from a victim on Walnut Street. A citizen had reported the theft of his wallet from a motor vehicle while parked on Walnut Street in July 2017.

An 18 year old Brantford woman is charged with the following offences; Possession of a Controlled substance-cocaine, Use of Credit Card X2 and Possession of Stolen Credit Card X2. The accused was released from custody on an Appearance Notice with a future court date.