Three suspects in custody following Milton robbery spree

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Halton Police have taken three suspects into custody following an early evening street robbery spree in the Town of Milton.

Uniform officers on patrol managed to ascertain the vicinity where the suspects were located and set up a perimeter in the northwest area of the town proper.  Once confronted, the suspects fled in various directions and through residential back yards. Three of the four suspects were caught and arrested. A fourth fled after stealing a bicycle and is still outstanding. The suspects’ vehicle was seized. Local citizens were helpful to officers by indicating the direction of travel of the fleeing suspects. 

One adult and two young persons have been arrested for multiple counts of robbery. The investigation is continuing. Some property has been recovered.

Halton Police are able to confirm at present that this group had committed six separate street robberies tonight.


Street Robbery Spree in Milton (Active)

Halton Regional Police are actively looking for four suspects in a rash of street robberies that have occurred this evening in the Town of Milton.  The first robbery occurred around 4:30 pm, the second at 5:00 pm, the third at 5:30 pm and the most recent at 6:00 p.m.

This group of culprits are all described as males, in their late teens and early 20’s, light brown skin, one wearing a green windbreaker, another with a blue and white basketball jersey with a Blue Jays ball cap and khaki shorts and one with scruffy facial hair.  One of the suspects is described as tall, being between 6’2 and 6’4.

The victims in these four incidents have been mainly other teens and young adults who were robbed of their cell phones, money, watches and backpacks.  One set of victims was a father and son.  Police are concerned about this group as their crimes are brazen; taking place in busy commercial and public parking lots in broad daylight. They are believed to be travelling around in a white 2016 Ford Fusion.

The suspects are considered to be armed and dangerous.  If seen, the public should not approach the group, but call 911 from a safe distance.

This situation is fluid and updates will be issued in a timely fashion.