Guelph Police called for increased diligence after responding to approximately 10 incidents involving fentanyl


The conversation around fentanyl and its analogues has deservedly gained national attention for it addictive and deadly properties. Locally, Guelph Police have received information and responded to approximately 10 incidents in the last week that suggest that fentanyl is available and being sold to illicit drug users. 

Death by overdose is entirely avoidable if an individual receives immediate medical treatment.  Naloxone is a drug that can counteract the effects of an opiate overdose and is available for free at numerous pharmacies in Guelph.  If an overdosing individual is administered naloxone quickly and transported to hospital for additional treatment their chance of survival is extremely high. That follow-up treatment is just as crucial because the naloxone only blocks the opiate reaction caused by the drugs, but it still is in a person’s system.

It is recommended that if someone uses illicit drugs that they never use alone and always have naloxone on hand in order to treat an overdose.

The Guelph Police Service wants to pro-actively advocate with other front line agencies for increased awareness and diligence for any persons who may be at risk due to their use of illicit drugs.  Fentanyl is in our community and every effort should be made to minimize its potentially deadly consequences.