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On September 26, 2017 the Kingston Police Service notified the Guelph Police Service with information related to a home invasion that had previously occurred in their jurisdiction.

Acting on that information, Guelph Police members approached a red Dakota pickup truck in a Woodlawn Road parking lot later in the day at approximately 5:40pm. There was a male passenger in the vehicle who was found to be the suspect in the Kingston incident and he was arrested. Inside the truck there was a shot gun and a replica handgun found.

Further investigation also learned that the truck had been previously reported stolen to police as well as the licence plates that were on the vehicle. The female driver of the vehicle was also arrested at the scene.

Aside from the outstanding Kingston charges, the 25 year old male from Napanee finds himself charged with a total of ten offences including firearms, drug and possession of stolen property offences.  He was held in custody to appear in Guelph bail court today before being returned to face the outstanding Kingston charges.

The 24 year old Napanee woman who was also in the vehicle is charged with a total of 11 similar offences in relation to this Guelph arrest. She too was held in custody to appear in Guelph bail court today.