On September 23, 2017, in the earlier morning hours, two males had attended a local bar in the 100 block of Front Street in the City of Sarnia. At some point it is alleged that the two had caused a disturbance involving other patrons in the bar. The two males then left the bar and are believed to have walked back to their vehicle and then re-attended the bar approximately fifteen minutes later. The two males then proceeded to engage in a confrontation with a staff member.

As the confrontation between the staff member and the two men continued the employee observed one of the men raise his shirt to reveal a black metal pistol tucked into his waistband. The suspect then pulled the firearm from his waistband and waved it in the air and began yelling at the employee to fight the friend he was with.

The suspect then returned the gun back to his waistband at which point the employee was assisted by other security guards. After a brief struggle with the two suspects police were called at 1:30 am and attended the bar. The officers retrieved the firearm from the suspect that was later determined to be a replica 45 calibre Colt 1911 handgun that was actually a BB gun but looked extremely realistic.

Both suspects were then taken into custody.

Zuhair Francis Gorges, 42 years of age, from Windsor, was charged with causing a disturbance, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, carrying a concealed weapon, assault with a weapon, uttering threats, and two counts of breaching his probation. Over the weekend Gorges attended WASH Court and was held in custody awaiting a bail court.

The second suspect, 27 year old Armando Lako, also from Windsor, was charged with breach of an undertaking and causing a disturbance. Lako also attend WASH Court and was subsequently released on an undertaking.

Attached below is a photo which depicts the gun seized. When presented with a situation like this it is very difficult to tell whether it is a real firearm or a replica fire and thus police will treat it as real gun until otherwise proven that it is not. Fortunately no one was injured in this insistence.