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(North Bay, ON) – The North Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has received a large number of calls since the beginning of the school year about motorists not abiding by the school bus lights. In order to ascertain where the problems are stemming from, 2 officers rode on school buses yesterday in partnership with East Ferris Bus Lines and the Nipissing Parry Sound Student Transportation Service (NPSSTS).

The good news is that officers did not observe any motorists who were confused or not abiding by the red lights on the school buses.

The bad news is that police believe motorists are still unsure of the law. The OPP would like to remind motorists that, when the bus is stopped and the red lights are active, you must stop your vehicle. The stop arm of the bus does not have to be out. The stop arm is only activated when the door of the bus is opened. If a bus driver believes that a vehicle is going to run their lights, they may not open the door, thereby not activating the stop arm and crossing gate.

Officers from the North Bay Detachment will be liaising with local bus companies, the NPSSTS and other community partners in the near future to see how they can work together to make roads safer for our children who ride the school bus.

North Bay Detachment officers are committed to public safety and delivering proactive and innovative policing in partnership with our communities.